Move over Siri, Tobii Gaze Interaction Technology is Here

Using your eyes to move and interact with apps may sound a little bit like dark magic, but your cold, cold fingers will definitely appreciate the help from Tobii’s gaze interaction technology this time of year. There are simply not enough stylish fingerless gloves for touchscreen users.

Tobii is making some bold moves this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with five spots. One notable example is the Haier Smart TVs with fingerless and voiceless volume control, but the technology can do other great things with user interface. I recommend using gaze interface to do your usual web surfing while eating lunch – no more messy fingers on screens or keyboards. At the very least, the mouse is eliminated as a superfluous device. The adaptive features could potentially double as security. What if no one can operate your device and apps? Click below to watch Tobii video demonstration.

This infographic of Siri’s usage shows that there is a definite spike for users around age 40-49. This could mean a number of things, but clearly mobility and accessibility is a great promotional tool for any user interface. Earlier this week, I wrote about this blind user who participates in the popular Instagram community using Siri. Imagine if there were infinite other ways for us to interact with technology – not because there’s a lack of universal standards, but because we all operate differently according to our own physical limitations.