Motorola Xoom Shipments Set to Dip in April According to DigiTimes

Motorola launched its highly anticipated and very the first Android OS 3.0 tablet on February 24. There was speculation that Google’s first version of Android specifically designed for use on tablet combined with Motorola’s recent winning design history might create an iPad killer. Of course, this was two weeks before the iPad 2 was released. Combine this with a number of oddities like the need to activate Verizon 3G service to use WiFi and missing features and the story becomes less positive.
DigiTimes reports that Motorola’s unit order are set to drop starting in April.
Motorola Xoom monthly orders to drop in 2Q11
Here’s what DigiTimes reports as Motorola’s Xoom unit orders.
February: 200,000
March: 400,000 to 500,000
April :300,000
May: < 300,000
Desipite this DigiTimes notes that the supply chain expects 3 to 5 million Xoom units will be shipped in 2011. Assuming unit shipments do not rise in the second half of 2011, it looks more like 3.4 million units or less to me: 9 months * 300,000 units + 500,000 (March) + 200,000 (February).
This is a healthy number of units (assuming all are sold)