Motorola Q4 2010 Numbers Respectable But Not Showing Apple-like Growth

Apple announced amazing results last week.

Apple by the Numbers for Fiscal 2011 Q1: 16.24M iPhones, 19.45M iPods, 7.33M iPads

So, how about Motorola which re-energized Android in late 2009?

Motorola Mobility Announces Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2010 Financial Results

– $2.4 billion: mobile devices net revenue (up 33%)
– 4.9 million smartphones sold

Motorola posted respectable numbers. But, I was surprised that given the popularity of their products (starting with the original Moto Droid), that they weren’t blow-out numbers. For example, Apple’s iPhone had 86% growth in the same quarter-to-quarter comparison.

Will Motorolla’s highly anticipated Xoom (Android 3.0) tablet make an impact in their Q4 2011 report?