Motorola Preps Up its Own Social Smartphone

Recently, Motorola has caused a minor stir among tech blogs when one of its job posting indicated a need for people who will be manning what it calls as the Android Social Smartphone Project. And since the first Google Android-powered handset was officially launched last week and will be released on Wednesday, we can’t help but anticipate what this project may become.

Motorola’s Google-Android phone will not come out until probably next year. But as early as now, Motorola seemed hell bent on making this project big and is embarking on something which is starting to boom – mobile social networking.

According to Business Wire, the Android-powered Motorola handset will feature an iPhone-like touch screen, slide-out qwerty keyboard and more importantly support for social networking sites through a slew of social-networking-friendly features and functionality.

BW also reported that its new social smartphone series will enable users to connect easily to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. It will allow users to message their friends on those social networks directly using the Motorola phone’s contacts directory.

The question now is whether the Motorola Android-handset could propel Motorola’s gradually declining mobile phone sales? Could this social smartphone bring back Motorola into the mobile phone game? Or a more basic question to ask would be, how receptive would mobile phone users to this kind of phone?