Motorola: Pay Attention to What Young Adults Want

MOTO_Z9.jpgConsumer media equipment company Motorola says young adults are influencing their parents’ technology decisions more than ever before, according to a new MediaPost report. Here are some stats quoted from the article, regarding a study of 16 to 27-year-old “millenials:”

– 75% of young adults influence their parents’ technology purchases;

– 71% hold sway over cable, DSL and dish-satellite services;

– 62% impact buying a HDTV set and TV programming packages;

– 70% say their “expectations are far greater than their parents'” when it comes to better media experiences and mobile broadband access.

The study also found, interestingly, that millenials expect to be able to pause a TV show in one room and then resume it in the other, and they also expect to be able to transfer a show they’re watching on their DVR to their mobile devices.