Mother of a February for Mother Jones

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn’t stop Mother Jones from posting record gains in traffic and digital ad revenue compared with the year-earlier month, as the nonprofit investigative, political, and social-justice site drew more than 3 million unique visitors, up 420 percent compared with February 2010, and more than 6.6 million page views, up 275 percent.

Digital ad revenue for January and February rose 200 percent versus the year-earlier period.

Mother Jones credited social media for much of the growth, saying 29 percent of its traffic came from those sites, nearly three times the prior-year period’s figure. The site’s Twitter followers were up 28 percent in February, to more than 43,000; its Facebook fan base grew 20 percent, to nearly 40,000; and the new MoJo Tumblr skyrocketed 200 percent, to nearly 3,000 followers.

Publisher Steven Katz said:

Mother Jones is not only keeping up with the 24/7 news cycle — our reporters are shaping it. Whether we’re explaining fast-breaking events in the Middle East, live-Tweeting from the floor of the Wisconsin State Capitol, or delivering in-depth reporting on America’s growing income inequality, Mother Jones is at the forefront of the future of journalism.

Just as important, our exposés on right-wing attacks on women, the threat of hidden corporate money on our democracy, and wrongdoing by public officials help give people the facts they need to take action that gets results. And our readers — new and old — are letting us know they want more of what we’re doing.

CEO Madeleine Buckingham added:

Across the organization, we are firing on all pistons, remaining focused, and it’s definitely paying off. We are reaching new online audiences, our profile in the news journalism world has been raised considerably, we are currently surpassing all digital revenue goals, and we’re landing some major scoops. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.