Which Human-Powered Profile (And World Record Holder) Has Sent The Most Tweets On Twitter? [STATS]

Earlier this year we took a look at @YOUGAKUDAN_00, the Twitter profile that holds the dubious record of being the most prolific tweeter on the network, sending out a quite ridiculous 25,768 tweets per day.

The problem? Big as that number is, @YOUGAKUDAN_00 isn’t a real person. It’s a bot. Indeed, almost all of Twitter’s most-tweets-per-day accounts are bots. So, here’s the question: which real, human-powered Twitter profile has sent the most tweets on Twitter?

Here’s your answer: @XboxSupport.

Yep. The official Xbox Support account has sent a heady 1,434,138 tweets at the time of writing, which equates to a smidgen over 1,000 tweets per day. Every day.

Indeed, @XboxSupport actually set a Guinness World record when it responded to over 5,000 questions in an average time of 2 minutes and 42 seconds between March 12-18, 2010, winning it the title of “Most Responsive Brand On Twitter”.

So, while @YOUGAKUDAN_00’s total far surpasses every other profile in terms of simple numbers, it’s @XboxSupport that really holds the title as the most prolific tweeter on Twitter, simply because, for the most part at least, and remembering that it’s still a brand, it’s real.

(Tweet image via Shutterstock.)