Most of the White House Press Team Got Furloughed, Too

In case you thought that those under-appreciated PR professionals working in various departments throughout our government were the only ones to suffer this week, think again: it goes all the way to the top, baby.

Not only does White House press secretary Jay Carney have to answer his own phones in the absence of his assistant, but:

“Jessica Santillo, the White House spokeswoman who handles media requests on Obamacare, got furloughed as the insurance marketplaces opened.”

So if you were, say, a reporter who really wanted some information on this whole brand new health care law that will affect millions of Americans thing, you might have to wait a little longer than you’d like.

“…deputy press secretaries…had to learn the basic functions of the press office: routing releases through the correct White House email lists, working the announcement system for the press room, wrangling the media at events…”

The Office of the White House staff is now less than one-third its usual size. Carney says “Everybody is having to do different things. It makes you appreciate even more what your colleagues do everyday.”

You don’t say. Maybe they should do this more often.

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