Most Bars and Clubs Don't Have Facebook Pages Yet [Infographic]

Facebook's tools for planning events like happy hour must not social events that bars and clubs make some of the best fan and brand pages.

Bars and clubs haven’t embraced Facebook fan pages to the extent you might expect. According to Eyes and Feet, most drinking establishments in major cities have listings on Yelp, but fewer than a third of them have Facebook fan pages.

This seems like a big disconnect. The events postings I see on Facebook always include happy hours and other activities in bars and clubs. I guess we are all doing the job for the bars and clubs — they don’t have to do a thing on Facebook because everyone else is planning the pub crawls.

The city with the highest percentage of Yelped bars and clubs is Chicago. Out of 994 windy-city venues on Yelp, 34 percent have Facebook fan pages. Houston comes in second, with 28 percent, and it goes down from there.

Only 14 percent of the 1,111 San Francisco bars and clubs with Yelp listings have fan pages on Facebook. The percentage runs even lower for venues in the city known for techiness, San Jose, where only 12 percent of those with Yelp listings have fan pages.

I wonder whether the shortage of bar and club fan pages has to do with the fact that many Facebook users are below the legal drinking age. It’s certainly possible to limit visibility to people over a certain age — if you play with the page settings — but maybe that’s more work than proprietors want to do.

Readers, do you think more bars and clubs should have fan pages? Would you “like” these pages if they became available? Do your favorite establishments have fan pages yet?