Most Appreciated iPhone App Released in 2010: Google Voice for iPhone

The iPhone app whose release I appreciated the most in 2010 is:

Google Voice

Google Voice is Google’s free voice mail and text message service. It provides a free alternative phone number for U.S. users that can be redirected to any phone or multiple phones of your choice. My Google Voice number, for example, rings my office phone as well as my Droid and iPhone 4. The ability to manage voice and text messages from a desktop web browser is more than just a bonus. I find this feature essential. I hate using the primitive voice mail provided by my various mobile providers. They are 20th century relics.

While Google provided an app for Android phones early on, Apple blocked the Google Voice app from being made available in the App Store for more than a year. It was rejected in July 2009 and not allowed in the App Store until November 2010. The ability to finally be able use and manage Google Voice from my desktop, notebook, Android phone, or iPhone is a huge win for me. For this reason, Google Voice for iPhone is my most appreciated iPhone app release of 2010.

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