(Morning) Media Miscellany: 05.24.2005

We see our red books and we want to paint them black… There’s trouble with the bottom line at Black Book magazine, according to Page Six. Apparently owner Ari Horowitz is scrambling to sell it, skipped out on the last payday, and couldn’t cover printing for the upcoming issue. That deadline was extended but it’s looking like Black Book is overextended… We like Black Book, please don’t fold. Good luck! [NY Post]

Mickey Kaus is prescient, parties ’til 4 a.m.: We actually don’t know what Slateblogger Mickey Kaus was doing ’til 4:05 a.m. (PST!) this morning, but clearly he was more excited about the filibuster deal than going to bed. Kaus isn’t sure what the deal actually resolves (and we thought “cloture” was some very fashionable type of cream anyway) but he’s pleased as punch that his phraseology was echoed by a fancy-pants political science professor “and a longtime student of the Senate.” No, really, filibusters are exciting! And cloture is very tasty on strawberries. [Slate]

Rita Cosby: Gettin’ no love at NBC? Little more than a week after skipping from Fox to MSNBC, it seems that Rita Cosby is the schoolyard pariah. A TV Newser tipster reports that NBC correspondents are irked by Rita’s appropriation of their scoops back when she was at Fox and are “will resist appearing on MSNBC when Cosby starts.” Yes, in the cutthroat and volatile world of cable news, that strategy should go far. Meanwhile, don’t mess with Rita Cosby. She’s got very loyal fans. [TVNewser][The Rita Cosby Club]