More Women Play Mobile Games

mspacman_mobile.jpgA number of surveys have shown that women, more than men, are attracted to casual games on the PC. The same seems to be true when it comes to mobile games. Mpowerplayer, whose Mplayit Mobile Arcade lets gamers try out a mobile game on the Web before downloading it to a phone, found that roughly 65% of its audience is female, reports Mobile Marketer. More than half of those women are between 18 and 34, the company found.

The Mplayit arcade is also accessible on Facebook and MySpace and on OpenSocial networks.

According to the article, roughly 14% of games tried results in a click-to-buy. For the top games, this rises to an impressive 33%. Although newer games are added regularly, the most popular ones are old favorites like Bejeweled and Ms Pac Man.