More Ways To Hack A $200 Tablet

Yesterday, we reported on how to make yourself a tablet for $200 by breaking into a Pandigital Novel. The hack is based on the fact that this tablet is rumored to have an Android operating system, which you can make your own apps for, and the fact that you can add memory to make a pseudo iPad.

Today, Mike Cane has two more ideas. You can hack into Velocity Micro’s Cruz Reader or their Cruz Tablet, which Cane points out are for sure Android-based.

Cane says in his blog post, “If you’re looking for an Android tablet, skip the Pandigital Novel if you have any reticence about being able to install a different driver and then bugger about with installing apps via a command line. Instead, get the Cruz Reader. It has Kobo Reader installed on it, but that shouldn’t prevent adding Barnes & Noble’s eReader (when they finally make that available for Android), Aldiko, FBReader, or anything else for Android.”