More Power to the People in the Next Version of Digg

Digg event at Stubbs BBQ, Austin

The annual Digg event at Stubbs BBQ is a who’s who in tech for SXSW Interactive – an evening of hanging out in what is essentially a field of dirt, to drink cans of Lone Star and listen to live entertainment.

This year, Digg made a big announcement at their event- they are about to launch the next version of the popular social bookmarking news site, which promises to be faster and easier to use. Digg CEO Jay Adelson highlighted new features – log ins will no longer be required to submit news, opening up the number of submissions to millions. Users’ home pages will be tailored to their own interests, and any keyword can be its own category, creating an unlimited number of topics. The new Digg will increase the amount of content one can consume, and Adelson made sure to stress personalization and curation – “The people who curate this stuff are you guys.”

Post announcement, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht took the stage for a live edition of Diggnation. The crowd was completely enthralled; they have become the Rolling Stones of the web. I stuck around for the live entertainment, NYC band The Walkmen, though when they finally took the stage, the audience was down to half. The excitement was truly over Digg and their news about what’s next. More exciting, it seemed, than a free live show by a hot, indie band.

People can sign up to test the new Digg here:

This post was authored by Kirsten Cluthe.