More Movies Now Available Through FaceBook – Are eBooks Next?

Warner Brothers has made another 5 of its movies available on The films include  “Inception,” “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “Life as We Know It” and “Yogi Bear.”

These 5 movies follow an announcement by Facebook and WB earlier this month that consumers can rent movies from Facebook using Facebook Credits, a virtual currency so far used mainly in social games on the site.

So how long until Facebook offers eBooks?

That’s really not such a stretch. Facebook is obviously trying to become a “portal” site. It’s added games, email, content sharing, and now movie rentals. It won’t be long until it has eBooks, too.

I’d bet that Facebook could be the first to experiment with renting eBooks.  But given the current attitudes of the Agency 6, the prices would likely be too high, which will kill off the idea.

What do you think?

via Facebook