More #McFail: Couple Kicked Out of McDonald’s for Sitting ‘Too Long’


Yes, it deserves to be a trend — #McFail!

You would think it’s more of a vendetta than reporting #PRFail, but no, it’s real. The Clown really has been sucking out loud that much lately. If you have enough to sit in a fast-food drive-thru, take a gander at this list of bad PR stories from PR Newser, which I’m trying to get #McFail to catch on, so help a brotha out.

And now that it has been about a week or so, it’s time for McDonald’s to corral some more bad PR. This time, the Clown stuck his size-18 Bozo shoes in the behind of two octogenarians out of a Virginia McDonald’s because — wait for it — they were sitting too long.

According to WTTG FOX 5 in D.C., we have two sinister old farts who had the nerve to go inside a local McDonald’s and enjoy a meal. I know, right? Can you imagine the gall of these two geezers? They should have been booted out as soon as they ordered just by looking at them, with their canes and dentures.


Carl-and-Barbara-BeckerMeet Carl and Barbara Becker. Yeah, just look at them. Thugs, I tell you. Ne’er-do-well thugs. May as well worn a hoodie in that place. They weren’t. In fact, Carl was probably rocking some sweet plaid golf pants and Barbara some lovely support hose.

The deleterious duo were chowing down on some McNuggets for a ritual they call “scrunch” (supper and lunch halfsies). Suddenly, a McDonald’s employee cleaning up after the vagabond Bebe’s Kids, decided to take out some angst on the Beckers.

“The dust started kicking up and it was just flying everywhere and she says, ‘Does this bother you?’ And I said, ‘Only if you like to eat dirt does it not bother me.’” After the incident with the Mickey D’s employee, the manager approached. “He says, ‘You two have to leave. Your half hour’s up and we have to clean this floor, now’”

So, they left. While Barbara was fine to laugh it off, Carl decided the chick who kicked them out sucked a little, so he penned a letter to his local editor. Within five minutes, it went viral. (You know, like most kerfuffles the Clown is involved with these days.)

letter to the editor

And if you don’t hate the Clown enough yet, Carl here is a WWII veteran. One more morsel of rancor to wash that down? As an apology, McDonald’s corporate offered the couple two free small coffees. Don’t worry, Babs sent the coupons back (atta girl). And now, they are eating elsewhere.

The McDonald’s franchise owner, Bob Drumheller, issued a statement which read, “I care deeply about the comfort and satisfaction of my customers. My organization takes these matters seriously, and is investigating the customer’s claims. I have also reached out to the customer to extend my apologies for this misunderstanding. Our focus will continue to be on serving our customers and providing them a welcoming experience.”

Looks like it. That’ll do, Clown. That’ll do.