More Info on iBooks

We’ve just been poking around the Apple Website this morning and noticed a few things that at least on this blog we hadn’t reported on. First, there’s the image above–doesn’t that look cute, the little book inside the iPad’s frame. Apple’s already throwing darts at its E-Ink competitors, noting beneath the image that “[u]nlike a paper book–or ebooks on other devices –you can change iBooks on iPad to suit the way you read.” Of course you can change the screen orientation on Kindle and Nook and Sony, but it’s not quite as sexy.

Also of interest is the fact that iBooks will utilize VoiceOver, the built-in iPad screen-reader, so, according to Apple, “it can read you the contents of any page.” There hasn’t been any talk about whether, as with Kindle, publishers will have the option to turn this feature on or off if they’re nervous about cannibalizing audio book sales.

Today’s going to be a pretty iPaddy day here at eBookNewser. More info to come.