More CTIA Mobile Game News

Not to be outdone by all those other mobile games announced at CTIA, EA Mobile talked up seven new games of its own – five for cell phones and two for the iPod. iPod owners can now buy and download Scrabble and Yahtzee from iTunes.

The new mobile phone games are:

The Sims 2 Castaway: Create, customize and guide a Sim to explore, survive and thrive on an uncharted tropical paradise.

The Sims Pool: Customize your Sim characters, and then hit the pool hall to compete against other Sims in 8- or 9-ball action.

Monopoly Here & Now: Developed via the EA and Hasbro alliance, the update of the popular board game allows players to buy and sell properties like Waikiki Beach, Fenway Park and more.

Yahtzee Adventures: Travel the globe, meet new characters and challenge them to a game, roll the colorful dice and be the first to score a Yahtzee.

Merv Griffin’s Crosswords: Customize an avatar and prepare to buzz in, answer the word hint and complete the crossword in either timed or casual mode.

The Sims games, Monopoly Here & Now and Yahtzee Adventures are available through most North American carriers. Crosswords has launched on Verizon Wireless and is coming soon to other operators.