Monster Galaxy Sweeps This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Gaia Online’s new Facebook offering, Monster Galaxy gained three times as many new players as any other game on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users. Like last week, the rest of the list is dominated by casual titles:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Monster Galaxy848,868+725,565+588%
2. Crazy Cabbie522,543+263,475+102%
3. 超級職場 — 超人氣!免費休閒養成遊戲!618,732+214,267+53%
4. Trial Madness 2306,942+203,931+198%
5. Ninjas Rising629,361+171,794+38%
6. Galaxy X419,924+165,676+65%
7. Paradise Life254,121+164,306+183%
8. Downhill Snowboard395,052+164,214+71%
9. SNSplus249,044+152,307+157%
10. Bricks Breaking337,888+151,389+81%
11. Bouncing Balls363,508+147,169+68%
12. Hero338,615+145,067+75%
13. Happy Hospital882,984+131,356+17%
14. Pool Master 2641,026+127,071+25%
15. Big Business166,317+121,645+272%
16. Tavla322,125+119,932+59%
17. Puzzle Saga765,760+107,773+16%
18. tko-indonesia298,976+104,985+54%
19. David Guetta, Play with it!304,010+103,305+51%
20. Friend Pairs423,420+100,357+31%

Judging from this list alone, Facebook gamers are growing less entranced by what we typically define as social games. Monster Galaxy goes very light on the paid, time-based mechanics that define other Facebook games, a statement that’s also true of the casual games.

Of course, one week does not make a trend, and typical games that are already over a million MAU are still doing quite well. We may also see lower growth for more typical titles over the holidays, due to different use patterns on Facebook.

As for the casual titles, there are eight to find between Crazy Cabbie and Tavla, the latter of which is a Turkish-language dice-based game.

At number three, 超級職場 — 超人氣!免費休閒養成遊戲! is a Chinese-language game about being an office worker; it also fits broadly into our casual game definition, as it includes some mini-games. Although not elaborate, it’s an interesting title for anyone able to understand the language to glance through.

Digital Chocolate’s Ninjas Rising is finally growing — it’s the last of the company’s reskins to start moving toward a million MAU. And finally, Galaxy X by StudioEx is doing quite well with its simple ballistic combat system, which is common in several Asian games; we previewed the game in early November.