Monitoring Android Battery Life

If you go to and run a search on battery you will see ten pages of Android widgets that you can download and install on the Android home screen. Because Android has a built-in battery display at the top of the screen, you might wonder, why would you want to duplicate something in a widget that Android already provides? Of course, many of the widgets provide a better graphical depiction of the amount of battery life and in most cases when you tap the widget you will see additional information. says another reason may be because the built-in monitor does not provide an accurate representation of the phone’s actual battery life.

In a video posted on the site you see an example where the amount of battery life shown by the Quick Battery widget is less than the amount shown by Android. Pocketnow suggests that the problem may be in an inaccuracy of the built-in display, or just that it changes more dramatically, but doesn’t suggest that the problem may be with the widget. Pocketnow recommends Quick Battery because it doesn’t drain the battery, pointing out the irony that some battery widgets actually take a big hit on battery life. The app is free and has several favorable reviews on AppBrain and the Android Market.