Moneybookers – PayPal Alternative

Since PayPal isn’t developing their online payment services and the list of countries ‘Send Money Online’ doesn’t get smaller you need to search for alternative services to PayPal. I have seen many people complaining about PayPal, because they are supporting merchants only in big countries and people from smaller countries can’t use the full PayPal service package. I think the weak point of PayPal is Europa and here already are other strong players that can game with PayPal.

One of the best PayPal alternatives, that you can use to make online payments, is Moneybookers – similar online payment service to PayPal, but with better functionality for several countries where PayPal isn’t offering their full services. Moneybookers have very strong positions in Europa, and not only because they fill PayPal’s ’empty spot’, but because they are offering really good service and they online payment platform is very easy to use by online merchants from Europa and also for individuals who need good PayPal alternative.

Can You Trust Moneybookers?

Moneybookers payment system I use for about one year and can tell that there was no problems with the service and the system looks secure. I also know many people who use this service for several years now and they isn’t complaining, so I think this is service you can trust. But if you know some problems using the service you are welcome to post a comment for others to know.

p.s. Moneybookers in the March had a facelift and now they look better also.

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