Monday Mobile Roundup: Games, Clinical Trials, Marketing & More

Instagram Gets Update to Let Users Save Photos — The social photo sharing iPhone app Instagram has received a new update that essentially allows users to now save photos. Whenever users “like” an image that comes through their stream, it will become available via an album dubbed “Photos you’ve liked.”

Back to the FutureMichael J. Fox to Appear in Final Back to the Future Episode — Telltale Games has been periodically releasing new episodes for its series of Back to the Future titles on iPad, but each title has thus far not featured the real voice of Marty McFly. Nevertheless, Telltale has noted that the fifth and final episode in the series will indeed feature Micahel J. Fox.

Next Will Wright Project Likely to be Social & Mobile — Game designer Will Wright is working on a new game based Bruce Sterling’s science fiction short story Maneki Neko. However, at the E3 conference, Wright told Eurogamer, that the title is likely to launch on tablets, smartphones, and Facebook.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Comes to Mobage — VentureBeat came across a Japanese social-mobile game staring the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, on its popular mobile social gaming network, Mobage. Micahel’s King of Pop allows users to manage his career, take dancing lessons from him, create concerts, and perform missions.

Kno Launches Textbook App — Students that own an iPad could be saving some cash on textbooks in the long run. Kno has launched a new app called Textbooks that offers over 70,000 books at 30 to 50 percent off. The app is also free to download.

Smartphones Against Malaria — Hewlett-Packard is beginning a yearlong clinical trial for mobile health monitoring in Botswana, says the New York Times. Medical personnel will be equipped with the Palm Pre 2 which will contain an app designed specifically for data collection regarding malaria outbreaks. Data will then be used, via a central database, to help view and prevent them.

BillboardMcDonald’s Offers Billboard Game for Smartphone Users — In Stockholm, Sweden, according to Techno Buffalo, McDonald’s as an interesting marketing campaign, letting users access a giant billboard via a smartphone (and using GPS and a website, not an app) and play a Pong-like game for 30 seconds. The winners receive free McDonald’s food.

LookMobile Grants Remote Android Access — Users can now access basic functions of their Android devices with a new app from LookMobile. By logging into Facebook, Lookmobile users can then access LookMobile’s website and view all associated phones with that Facebook account and access SMS messages, view recent calls, and access one’s address book.

SamsungSamsung Exhibit 4G Could Be Slated for June 22nd — The Gingerbread-powered Exhibit 4G from T-Mobile has been confirmed that it will launch in June. Though an exact date is not set in stone, a leaked screenshot via TmoNews suggests that it will be available come the 22nd of this month.

[image via TmoNews]

Antitrust Regulators Concerned Over Nortel Patents — Mobile tech giants such as Apple, Google, andRIM are set to place bids on around 6,000 patents being sold by the now bankrupt Nortel Networks Corp, says The Wall Street Journal. However, the biggest concern for antitrust regulators is over Apple, who appears interested in patents such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology, which, among other “valuable” patents could be “misused to stifle rivals or demand high-tech ransom payments.”