adds SmartGallery for expanded social moment creation on Android

Image via has today announced the SmartGallery expansion to its “moment sharing” platform on Android, allowing users to combine both their online presence with their offline camera rolls to form completed “Moments,” or experiences that represent important moments in time. allows users to combine status updates, tweets, videos, photos and more into one cluster of social data, and then view posts from other users taken at the same location (a wedding or birthday party, for instance) or at the same larger event (like a concert or sports game).

The SmartGallery update sees’s technology extending to offline camera rolls, which can be combined with those already shared items to create added perspectives and details to the “Moment.”

“Our vision has always been a world where people can break through the boundary of a single viewpoint for their shared experiences,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ronny Elkayam, in a company statement. “Your smartphone camera is no longer limited to a single-lens perspective, but has the potential to be part of larger shared moments.”

While is also available on iOS devices, the SmartGallery update is currently only on Android. However, it has been confirmed with Inside Mobile Apps that SmartGallery will be coming to iOS “soon.” Check back soon to follow on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

Watch an introduction to below.