Molson Ends Facebook Photo Contest

Alcohol and Facebook don’t seem to go together. According to Marina Strauss, a photo contest sponsored by Molson, in which students were encouraged to post photos of themselves partying, has was ended after facing complaints that the contest encouraged irresponsible drinking. I was under the impression that this promotion would have been a violation of Facebook’s terms of service but apparently that’s no longer the case. While controversial, I think the promotion sounded like a great idea.

Apparently Molson will still be announcing a winner of the contest even though the contest has ended. There have already been a number of controversies related to photos being posted on Facebook including a group that posted pictures of girls that were under the influence of alcohol. I didn’t have the opportunity to view the Molson contest but my guess is that similar pictures were posted to the contest. It is understandable that rewarding students with an $8,000 trip for five to Cancun for posting drunk photos may not be the best idea.

Molson has stated their intention to continue testing out alternative marketing strategies through various social media channels including Facebook. According to the article, Scott Keith of Lowe Roche ad agency believes that “nobody has cracked this thing,” referring to social media advertising. That’s kind of ironic given that his agency was chosen due to their history of social media advertising. Regardless, advertisers will try to develop creative new ways of advertising across social networks. Have you seen any effective ad promotions on Facebook?

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