MOLI is a Social Network that Values Personal Privacy

We love it when a social networking site values their member’s privacy. This is a big issue right now in the social networking world, hence it is an utmost important that social networking startup consider this issue in their social networking sites. MOLI is one of the few who treat members’ privacy with utmost care. And we could only applaud them for that.

From their own words:

MOLI is a next-generation social networking site where members can manage multiple profiles in one account. Members can separate their social, business and family relationships and keep control over their privacy.

And how does MOLI fulfill its plan for world dominance, err, to achieve its goal. First, it aims to target enterprising individuals and small business owners by providing them with an easy-to-use, content-rich, multimedia interactive platform which is ideal for both community collaboration and e-commerce.

MOLI allows members to use different profiles when communicating and interacting with each of their social, business and family networks. And it does without divulging each of these communication to everyone.

MOLI allows members to set three levels of privacy in their profiles – public, private or hidden and they can set one privacy settings for each of the multiple profiles that they create in MOLI.

In addition to being a social network, MOLI also allows you to create an e-commerce store and turn your profiles into a money-making venture.

In short

MOLI is an easy way to create, design and manage a web presence for free within a global community of like-minded individuals.

And yes, you guess it right, signing up for a MOLI account is free and easy. You can start signing up now.