‘Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons’ is Free eBook Today

Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons by Tara Laskowski is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

The book is a subversive take on etiquette books. Check it out in the author’s own words:

There are many etiquette books from Emily Post and others that tell you what to do when attending a wedding, setting the table, asking for a promotion, introducing yourself at a party. What I became interested in is the darker side of etiquette-the way people conduct themselves in situations that Emily Post would never write about. This book started with the story ‘The Etiquette of Adultery.’ I loved that title and all that it suggested. Was there an etiquette, a set of unwritten rules, for a situation that seemed to break all the rules of a ‘decent’ society?

Amazon has the download available for free today only.

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