Modelinia, Lolapps and Barbie Launch Supermodel Facebook Game

modelinialogoModelinia, a media brand connecting supermodels with their fans, has partnered with Lolapps to launch Supermodel: The Game, a strategy game that allows players to enter the modeling world to compete for a shot at stardom. The game has cameos and virtual goods from Barbie, Express and Biotherm and leverages Lolapps’ strategy-RPG model.

Modelinia has been spreading its brand through the web by leveraging video, news, blogs and events up until now, and seeing a social brand like this make a strong move into social gaming underscores the rapidly developing space. There is a large female demographic that plays social games, and this means we’re likely to see more games that are themed at women, and games like this that leverage powerful brands to make the appeal to those girl gamers.

modeliniagameplayThe partnership with Express, Barbie and Biotherm manifests itself in Supermodel: The Game by having placements from Express models within the game and integrating Barbie dolls and challenges into the virtual goods system. The game also features cameos from famous celebrities:

“…designer Alexander Wang, fashionista Nicole Richie, Project Runway judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Hotspots including Buddakan restaurant and the Boom Boom Room nightclub are also incorporated as ultra cool settings where users will bump into industry journalists Perez Hilton and Richard Johnson from Page Six.”

The game has a standard gameplay element, and there really aren’t any changes to the formula in this title. The artwork and graphics are great, and the whole game reminds us of Lolapps’ recent Dante’s Inferno application for Electronic Arts. It seems that Lolapps is working with brands to bring them into the social gaming space, and while the games are not terribly unique, they do bring social gaming to a userbase that may not be as familiar with this new trend.