Moblf lets you connect to Friendfeed via Twitter, how cool is that?

I must admit that this post’s title may seem a bit confusing. Well, that’s because I got confused at first while reading Moblf’s FAQ to find out what their services is all about. If you want to dig into the basics of how moblf works, read the FAQ, but I’m telling you, it might get pretty confusing. I guess, moblf’s tagline “web on sms” would be enough.

So, what does moblf does again? To put it simply, moblf let’s you get updates from various web services delivered to your mobile phones via SMS. The service works with users who have Twitter account, so to find out what your friends at friendfeed are up to, you’d use moblf which requires a Twitter account. But, wait why can’t you just subscribe to Twitter’s SMS alert instead?


Of course, Friendfeed is all about your friends’ RSS updates while Twitter are short updates about your friends lives. That clears out the ambiguity a bit. But, can we not harness our feeds to Twitter using another Twitter apps called Twitterfeed?

Sorry, for asking too much question, but I really don’t get what mobilf is all about. I guess we may have to contend with the fact that it works with Friendfeed and our mobile phone’s SMS function. Let’s just forget about the “Twitter” intervention in between.

If you are checking out mobilf, please give us a feedback as to how we could possibly maximize its use for our Twittering needs.