Mobile Video Has Jumped 400% in the Last Two Years

Report: on-the-go clips account for 25% of all views

Ooyala's  Q2 Video Index Report, which was released today, found that 25 percent of online video activity happens on mobile devices—a spike of 400 percent compared to two years ago.

The Silicon Valley-based video publishing and analytics company tracked the behaviors of almost 150 million viewers from around the world, across billions of daily video events.

A few other key findings appear below.

  • When it comes to watching mobile video, shorter is sweeter: 45 percent of mobile videos viewed were six minutes or less.
  • Longer videos, meaning those more than 10 minutes, were watched on bigger screens. Tablets were used 23 percent of the time to see videos that were between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, while smart TVs were utilized 65 percent and 54 percent of the time for videos 30 and 60 minutes long, respectively.
  • Weather conditions have an impact on the volume of online video viewing, with people spending 40 percent time viewing video on desktops when it was raining outside opposed to being sunny. However, people watched six times more videos when it was warm outside versus being cold—meaning that when the weather is nice, people may be more willing to watch shorter clips on mobile.

"This data is indicative of the dramatic multi-screen shift occurring in the industry," said Jay Fulcher, CEO of Ooyala. "Greater consumption of high-value content across multiple device types, along with more granular data on consumption habits and trends, underscores the need for sophisticated analytics to inform programming and monetization strategies."