Mobile Is Becoming Important To Facebook

I am a big Facebook user and over the last year or so I’ve noticed that most of my friends are using smartphones to update their Facebook statuses. Our sister web site, AllFacebook, supports my observation by reporting that mobile Facebook usage surpasses 150 million users. In the AllFacebook post Erick Tseng of Facebook is quoted as saying the company is moving towards a platform strategy, and moving from a one-off app strategy.
Twitter recently made news with its efforts to provide an official Twitter app for the main mobile platforms, either through acquisition or development. Twitter’s goal is that when someone searches in an app store for Twitter they find and install the official Twitter app rather than a third party app. It is also important for them that the Twitter apps are consistent across mobile platforms.
I don’t know whether Tseng’s comments on Facebook’s plans are similar to Twitters, but my hope is that Facebook works fast on providing a consistent app experience across mobile platforms. One of my frustrations is that the Android Facebook app does not support features that are available in the iPhone Facebook app like chat.