Mobile App Roundup: Itsmy, Game Closure, Verizon iPhone Sales, and More

ItsmyItsmy Announces HTML5 Support — Mobile social gaming network, itsmy has announced the support of HTML5 platform functionality for its collection of browser games. A sneak preview is now available for up to 20,00 beta testers, and the new version of the platform, as well as four new HTML5 games, is slated to release at the coming Game Developers Conference.

Tribeca Film InstituteTribeca Film Institute & Ford Foundation Partner to Support New Media — The Tribeca Film Institue and the Ford Foundation‘s JustFilms initiative have entered a partnership and launched the Tribeca Film Institue New Media Fund. The $750,000 fund is said to provide support and funding to film projects that incorporate newer media platforms including video games, mobile apps, social networks, and micro-blogging.

Game Closure Launches Cross-Platform Multiplayer App — According to TechCrunch, Game Closure has launched a new SDK that will allow developers to easily create, host, and deploy HTML5-based, cross-platform multiplayer games. Shown at SSE Labs‘ Demo Day at AOL, the SDK is compatible across iOS, Android, and Facebook apps.

Nexon Getting into Social & Mobile Games — MapleStory developer, Nexon, is looking to move into making social games for Facebook as well as for mobile, says VentureBeat. In order to differentiate itself, Nexon is looking to hook players through game play that connects users with an online community.

Adknowledge Brings More Payment Options to iPhone — Having brought offers to Android a few weeks ago, Adknowledge but is now announcing similar options, this week, for iPhone. Through its Super Rewards division, the company has announced its bringing of its ad offers to the iOS.

GetJarGetJar Raises $25 Million — Cross-platform app store provider, GetJar, has announced raising $25 million in Series C funding from Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners. According to TechCrunch, CEO Ilja Laurs noted, at the Mobile World Congress, that GetJar has actually found itself amongst the top five mobile app store operators which include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nokia.

BilltoMobile Partners with Sprint — Earlier this week, payments company BilltoMobile announced its most recent partnership with Sprint. Now, users will be able to purchase online goods via their mobile phone bill.

Xperia PlayUnity to Bring 3D Games to PlayStation Phone — Based on a post from Develop, Unity Technologies has signed an agreement with Sony Ericsson this week. Though details are sparse, Sony Ericsson has stated that the partnership will “ensure a continuous flow of high quality 3D game titles” for the coming PlayStation Phone — the Xperia Play.

Verizon iPhone Sales Low — Though the official numbers are yet to be released, leaked information from the mobile news site, Boy Genius Report notes that sales of the Verizon iPhone are a bit lower than Apple and Verizon had expected. That said, the only data (which also shows AT&T iPhone 4 sales) is from just five Apple stores:

  • Thursday: Verizon = 909, AT&T = 539
  • Friday: Verizon = 916, AT&T = 680
  • Saturday: Verizon = 660, AT&T = 471
  • Sunday: Verizon = 796, AT&T = 701
  • Monday: Verizon = 711, AT&T = 618

Prowl Owl Connects Facebook Friends in Reality — A new iPhone app by the name of Prowl Owl has taken a new perspective on location-based apps. Using push notifications, the app will actually notify users whenever their Facebook friends are physically nearby.