Mobile Game Roundup: Compass Point: West, PATHZ and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Compass Point West

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, or over a long spring break? Here’s a look at some of the games launched on mobile platforms this week.

Compass Point: West (Free on iOS) – A base-building combat title from Finnish game developer Next Games, Compass Point: West takes players to the Wild West as they work to foil the takeover plans of an evil oil tycoon while building an outpost on the frontier. Gamers will build and upgrade their base using key resources, and will collect cards relating to military units, construction boosts and more. During battle, players deploy these units in order to loot resources from rival camps. Compass Point: West is the first in a series of four games, which will eventually include North, East and South.

Ticklefluff ($0.99 on iOS) – Described as an “infinite teaser” app, Ticklefluff has been released by independent studio HyperLiger, and asks players to tickle, stroke, poke, squeeze, blow at, shake or high-five a living ball of fur in time to music. Like a game of Simon Says, players are prompted to perform particular actions, with the game ending when players fail a prompt. Ticklefluff includes a “reaction cam,” which captures the look on players’ faces as they play, with the option to share this out to social networks.

Diamond Quest

Diamond Quest (Free on iOS) – After a lengthy beta release, Storm8’s Diamond Quest has officially launched worldwide. The match-three puzzle game asks players to complete over 100 levels, which see them collecting helpful critters and taking them into battle against villains. As players make matches with the right colors of gems, their critters move closer to, and eventually attack the enemies at the top of the screen. Meanwhile, non-matching moves slowly chip away at the enemy’s health. Players will collect more critters over time, allowing them to strategize their team while playing.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (Free on iOS, Android) – From DeNA and Square Enix, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper allows players to relive popular moments from the Final Fantasy video game series as they build a team of classic characters, including Tidus and Cloud. The game sees players completing battles using magical spells, basic attacks and more, and gamers can upgrade their characters with the new equipment they earn during battle.

HOME: Boov Pop! (Free on Android, Amazon) – Previously released on iOS, this puzzle game from Behaviour Interactive is based on DreamWorks Animation film Home, and it asks players to draw lines across matching colored bubbles to remove them from the screen. This Android version of the game comes with 20 new levels, which weren’t previously available to iOS players.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land (Free on iOS, Android) – This side-scrolling action game from Nitrome challenges players to swipe their finger on a dog to help him navigate environments and collect gems. As players swipe, the dog stretches to become one long line, until his front paws reach something solid, and the rest of his body catches up. While the game starts simply, meat-cutting obstacles are quickly added to the environment, so players must be more cautious with their swipes, or risk getting cut. Players can watch video ads, or use the gems they’ve collected, to unlock restart points on the path.

Dungeon Hero RPG (Free on iOS) – This dungeon crawler aims to be a revival of the “classic genre of dungeon crawlers,” challenging players to clear dungeons using directional buttons for movement, and the left and right sides of the screen for attacks. The game contains more than 1,000 unique items for collection, from weapons to keys used to unlock chests and doors, and more. Gamers will encounter over 80 unique varieties of monsters and have 13 heroes to choose from to start, with more coming soon.

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