Mobile Game Roundup: Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy, Halos and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

If you’re looking for a new game to play on your smartphone or tablet, this week’s app store updates offer plenty of new options. First, new developer Minidragon launched its first game, a match-three RPG called Rainbowtail, which sees players collecting pets which can help them complete stages.

Storm8 also released a match-three game this week, as Hungry Babies Mania challenges players to make matches with food symbols to feed hungry baby animals. For strategy fans, Gameloft released its empire-building game March of Empires, while simulation or tycoon fans can relive the PC classic RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, which Frontier Developments released on iOS.

Looking for something different? Here’s a look at some other games released this week.

Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy (Free on iOS, Android) – This match-three puzzle battle game from Outsmart and DeNA takes players to the Gothic fantasy world of Toskyr, and challenges them to ‘put an end to the Dark Countess’ evil conspiracy.’ The game features over 100 levels at launch, with each asking players to quickly draw lines across matching symbols on a board to create lines of three or more identical symbols and attack their opponents. Each symbol has an elemental affinity, with elements relating to one another in a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ style. The faster players make matches, they faster they damage their opponent. Players will begin with a single hero, but can unlock additional heroes (and hero classes) over time. Players can upgrade their heroes with new skills as they progress, or equip them with the gear they receive while playing.

Tap Sports Football (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Glu Mobile, Tap Sports Football sees players building and managing a team of current professional football players, and taking them into multiplayer games against other players. During each turn-based game, players choose their offensive and defensive strategies, and complete their entire possession on their turn. Bonus games are also available, allowing users to play full games (or jump straight to the fourth quarter) without waiting for other players to take their turns. Players can spend free or premium currency on additional players for their team, upgrades for their team and more.

Ready Cola

Ready Cola! (Free on iOS) – From Pine Entertainment, Ready Cola is a reflex-testing game that challenges players to tap on the screen at the right time to send straws into white bottles of cola as they scroll up and down along the left side of the screen. Bottles come in different sizes, and may change direction without warning. Special bottles are also available, which, when matched with a straw, unlock a ‘fever’ mode for earning bonus points for a limited time.

1849: Gold Edition ($5.99 on iPad and Android tablets) – From SomaSim, 1849: Gold Edition combines the base game of 1849 with two extra content packs: 1849: Nevada Silver and Epilogue: After the Gold Rush. 1849 is a city-building game set during the California Gold Rush. Players are challenged to build towns across multiple campaign levels, each with their own starting and victory conditions, as well as obstacles or challenges to overcome. The game also offers a sandbox mode for additional gameplay. The Nevada Silver expansion offers six scenarios set in the Comstock Silver Rush, while the Epilogue pack features the game’s final two scenarios, challenging players to rebuild the economies of two towns in the post-Gold Rush era. The game is on sale for $3.99 for a limited time.

FitFlap (Free on iOS, Android) – A motion-controlled fitness game from BreakFirst, FitFlap asks users to flap their arms in front of their device’s camera to keep their characters in shape while playing a Flappy Bird-style mini-game. Players begin with Bacon the Pig, and can collect coins as they play, which are used to unlock Rocket the Turtle and Sushi the Fish. The game encourages users to play each day, as spending time away from the game will cause the characters to gain weight. In addition to real-world flapping, the game does offer a tap-to-flap control option. If players have spent too much time away from the game, they can spend coins (or watch a video) to access the Sweat Room, where they can shake their device or dance to quickly burn extra calories. FitFlap supports casting to Chromecast devices, so users can play the game on their TV.