Mobile Game Roundup: Age of Sparta, Under the Sun and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Age Of Sparta

Looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? Here’s a look at some of the new games released on smartphones and tablets this week.

Age of Sparta (Free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – Gameloft’s newest title is a base-building combat game, challenging players to defend Greece from the invasion of Xerxes. Players construct a base using multiple resources, which are produced automatically over time, and can send their troops into split-screen battles, where each troop has a particular strength and disadvantage during combat (think “rock, paper, scissors”). The game offers both campaign-based single-player battles and multiplayer combat, as well as real-time chat among players.

Heavenstrike Rivals (Free on iOS, Android) – This RPG from Square Enix has globally launched on mobile, challenging players to defeat monsters known as the Fallen, as they attempt to bring prosperity back to their kingdom. The game features turn-based battles, which take place on a grid. Players have a limited number of mana crystals to spend on each turn, which are used to deploy varying units to the battlefield. On each turn, deployed units will attack the opposition automatically, until one captain remains. Outside of the campaign, Heavenstrike Rivals offers real-time player-vs-player battles, with more than two hundred characters to collect in all.

Thumb It (Free on iOS) – This observation and memory game from Some App Company resembles the classic Simon electronic memory game, as users are challenged to observe and repeat color and sound sequences associated with major color areas on the screen. Each round becomes more challenging as players progress, as the board’s colors or orientation may change from one round to the next. The free version of the game offers a single-player mode, as well as a challenge mode for two players. Meanwhile, a $0.99 in-app purchase unlocks the premium version of the game, which includes new sound schemes and the ability to dress one’s avatar (represented by the player’s thumb) in costumes, among other features.

Road Smash: Crazy Racing! (Free on iOS) – This high-speed racing game challenges players to speed down freeways, performing tricks without ruining their vehicle and/or getting caught by the police. Gamers change lanes using one of three control schemes (including an option for gyroscope controls), and may sometimes be challenged to bump into other vehicles (or take off their side mirrors). As players complete missions, they’ll earn cash used to change the look of their car(s). The game was previously released on Android.

Military Masters

Military Masters (Free on iOS, Android) – Following a soft-launch, this newest title from DeNA has officially launched on mobile. The game is similar to other DeNA titles, including Super Battle Tactics, as players build a team of units to dominate land, sea and air, and take them into battle against the computer or other players. On each turn of battle, units spin for an attack value, and players can spend action points to re-spin for a different number or trigger special attacks on the enemy. As players complete battles, they collect parts, which can be used to build new units. Players can also spend currency to upgrade the stats of their current units.

Fisk (Free on iOS) – This puzzle game from Games by Mee and publisher BulkyPix was inspired by 2048, and challenges players to “eat or be eaten” as they combine small fish to form larger fish. The goal of each of the game’s 200 levels is to help the red fish eat everything else on the screen, with fish eating other fish in relation to their numbers. That is, a fish with the number five would eat a fish with the number four, and so on. Gamers can retry stages if they fail, and are encouraged to complete each in the lowest number of possible moves.

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