Mobile game news roundup: Halloween comes to Domo Jump, Kingdom Rush Frontiers and more mobile favorites

Image via DeNA

While mobile games are fun to play all-year-round, the special and spooky season of Halloween has triggered some frightfully fun updates in a slew of games on iOS and Android. Check out our round-up for a selection of those updates, ranging from Transformers to naughty children, below.

Konami releases ‘Domoween’ update in Domo Jump — Konami’s free endless runner challenges players to tilt their device to cause Domo to bounce higher and higher on both stationary and moving platforms. The Halloween update includes a new level called Domoween, and five limited edition Domo characters: Frankenstein’s Monster, Mummy, Vampire, Devil and Ghost Domo. These can be purchased via in-app purchases, or unlocking using Diamonds.

Monster Match introduces Chaos of the Gloom King: A Tale from the Dismal Islands — DeNA’s monster-battle puzzle game sees the game’s monsters donning costumes, as players are challenged with collecting candy and improving those costumes while defeating Gloomlings. This event is available across both iOS and Android.

Transformers: Legends receives Ghost in the Machine event — Launching on October 30, the Ghost in the Machine campaign [pictured at top] will see Starscream’s ghost crossing over to lead the Decepticons against the Autobots. Players will need to fight against time to stop Starscream from disrupting the Autobots’ electronic systems, which would leave them defenseless. This event is available on both iOS and Android until November 5.

Heliceum releases Halloween version of Naughty Boy on iOS, Android — The original version of Naughty Boy asks players to shoot oncoming family members with household objects, to avoid being made to go to school. In the new Halloween version, players are left in a spooky house with evil versions of those family members: werewolves, zombies, ghosts and vampires, as examples. Players must shoot these monsters and earn as many points as possible before dawn. Check out a trailer for the Halloween update below.


Dragon Academy receives Rise of the Zomblins update — The level-based puzzle game from Team Chaos has been updated with four new Halloween maps, which are completely separate from the main campaign. Each map contains 12 levels, for 48 new Halloween-themed levels in total. When players complete the Halloween levels, they’ll receive Rattle the Re-animated Dragon, which can be used throughout the rest of the game. The Rise of the Zomblins update is a permanent addition to the game.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers gets Shadowmoon campaign — On October 30, Ironhide Game Studios will release the Shadowmoon Campaign in its tower-defense hit on iOS. Players will compete against werewolves, ghosts and other nasty enemies across two new locations. The update also comes with two new upgradeable heroes: Dante the Vampire Slayer and Bonehart the Skeletal Dragon.

Image via Glu Mobile

Stardom Hollywood introduces horror movie set and costumes — Stardom Hollywood [pictured above] allows players to climb the ranks from nobody to A-List celebrity, with its Halloween update introducing a side storyline taking players to the set of a horror film. They can collect Halloween-themed props, and will have a chance to unlock limited-edition clothing, costumes, and more.

Undead animals come to Deer Hunter 2014 — Glu’s mobile hunting game will see players tracking and eliminating zombie deer and wolves with a new Halloween Revolver. The game is available for free on both iPhone and iPad devices.

It’s time to trick or treat in Zombies Ate My Friends — While Zombies At My Friends is inherently spooky, the special Trick or Treat event will see players killing zombies with special candy-burst animations, while also unlocking new Halloween costumes. Zombies Ate My Friends is

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