Mobile entertainment platform NARR8 launches on Facebook

Image via NARR8

Mobile entertainment platform NARR8 has expanded from mobile to Facebook, bringing a wide array of interactive novels, comics and more to Facebook for free. Users can browse a catalog of stories, based on genre, and then sit back as an animated story plays out in front of them.

Depending on the story, users may be met with more or less interactivity, and even some light puzzles, as users must interact via click and swipe controls to manipulate the environment and make the story progress.

Each interactive portion is called a scene, and users can switch between these at will to replay or skip forward to see what happens next. Each story supports multiple languages, but the available languages may differ between each individual story.

Once users watch / read one episode in a series, it will be added to their personal catalog, where they can easily access additional episodes at a later time. NARR8’s club feature allows users to chat with each other, either in general forums, or on message boards relating to a specific series.

NARR8 features a variety of free books, but also allows users to purchase a premium currency called Narrs that can be spent in bulk to unlock premium stories. The app itself is available to access for free on Facebook, and is also available to download on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Amazon Kindle. You can follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.