Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Server GeoLocation Controls Determines Smartphone Content Access Depending on Location

I suspect that many (if not most or even all) of you reading this are familiar with the concept of network content filtering. A simple example is a single PC with “net nanny” type software to prevent children from accessing inappropriate sites. At the other end of the scale are enterprise policies which might prevent the use of certain network services (Skype, for example) or access to certain websites (like the net nanny).

Mobile Active Defense (MAD) has created a twist for enterprise policy management for mobile devices.

Mobile Active Defense launches GeoLocation Based Firewall and Content Filtering for Smartphones and Tablet Devices

The GeoLocation controls for MAD’s Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Server (MECS). It provides the ability to set smartphone access policy based on the location of the smartphone. You might not, for example, be able to access Facebook while in the office but could from a nearby coffee shop. On a more global scale, some websites might be blocked while visiting specific countries but accessible in your home country. The idea is to provide automatic policy activation to deal with political or cultural sensitivities.

Via GeoCommunity: Mobile Active Defense Launches GeoLocation-Based Firewall and Content Filtering for iPhones