Mobile Device Adoption Explodes Overseas Reports Flurry

The app tracking firm Flurry has been crunching the numbers on their servers and today they reported that Android and iOS devices are being adopted at surprising rates in a number of countries.

While the US is still the single largest user of mobile devices, other countries including China, Chile, and Brazil are growing at a significantly faster rate.  As you can see from the chart at right, China is running a not too distant second to the US.

Given that they’re experiencing a 400% growth rate at the moment, it shouldn’t be long until the number of Chinese iOS and Android users surpass those in the US.

Flurry is basing their report on tracking data collected from July 2011 to July 2012. Flurry estimates that there were over 640 million iOS and Android devices in use during the month of July 2012, and they based that on the tracking data received from more than 200,000 applications.. Here’s more from the report:

“The rate of iOS and Android device adoption has surpassed that of any consumer technology in history.  Compared to recent technologies, smart device adoption is being adopted 10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption.  Five years into the smart device growth curve, expansion of this new technology is rapidly expanding beyond early adopter markets such as such as North America and Western Europe, creating a true worldwide addressable market.  “


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