Mobile developer TinyCo announces layoff of 27 employees

Image via TinyCo

Mobile developer TinyCo has announced its execution of a new strategy, which sees the Tiny Chef developer laying off 27 employees across its offices.

The news comes from TinyCo CEO Suleman Ali, who released a statement confirming the move (as reported by TechCrunch). A source says the employees came from the company’s Argentina and San Francisco offices.

“We’ve moved 10 steps forward on executing a specific strategy around how we build games and what games we build. To execute against this strategy, we decided to consolidate game development out of our SF office and reduce our staff,” the statement reads. “Laying people off sucks, especially since TinyCo has always been a breeding ground for great friendships. We’ll provide more updates, including a game launch, in the near future.”

In 2011, TinyCo appeared to be on the brink of becoming the Zynga of mobile games, and it received $18 million in a funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Its games include Tiny Castle, Tiny Monsters, Tiny Village [pictured] and other “Tiny” titles, in addition to VIP Poker.

The company launched its Tiny Partners user acquisition program this time last year, promising developers a 50 percent minimum revenue share for users sent to TinyCo titles through the program. Those games have fallen out of the spotlight recently, due to a saturation of casino games on the market, and the huge rise of King’s Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga (as examples) on iOS.

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