Mobile, Converse, Snoop Dogg, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages


Facebook’s mobile application for feature phones topped our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages by Likes this week. There were plenty of movie and music pages, as well as Converse, “The Simpsons” and others.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 382,200 to 3.1 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NameTotal LikesPeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1  Facebook for Ever…77,696,6422,280,034+479,066+3,197,474
2  Converse29,512,887397,693+40,547+2,065,672
3  Titanic21,211,3461,743,131+130,778+1,117,928
4  Step Up Movie11,738,260185,637+8,156+1,100,743
5  Adele26,179,444941,052+106,249+822,724
6  The Simpsons48,746,943869,740+79,345+665,588
7  Will Smith29,654,312732,527+82,076+611,618
8  Eclipse4,441,32226,107+220,813+598,822
9  Harry Potter44,666,6051,001,687+92,337+575,365
10  Breaking Dawn5,059,737225,595+140,838+544,698
11  Shrek24,487,036567,809+62,927+507,066
12  Bruno Mars22,000,999582,132+66,426+493,178
13  Facebook65,532,191548,579+57,599+469,399
14  Resident Evil 5655,57815,711+177,775+455,448
15  Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
16  Snoop Dogg16,926,591691,671+54,131+419,538
17  Pitbull18,658,579715,754+57,536+409,857
18  Adam Sandler30,249,552502,523+49,626+388,941
19  Avatar29,900,281558,802+45,549+386,526
20  Nicki Minaj18,205,858348,512+49,549+382,039

Facebook for Every Phone was at the top of our list, growing by almost 3.2 million Likes. The mobile app recently got an update and users are given an option to Like the page when they log in. Converse repeated its formula from last week, posting plenty of photos, including an historic shoe. “The Simpsons” appeared to grow based on its general popularity.

Films that had pages that grew significantly either made the list because they’re in theaters and/or promoting theatrical releases, or due to what appeared to be page consolidations. “Titanic” is currently in theaters, Will Smith is promoting his upcoming movie, as is Adam Sandler; other film pages showed no recent activity and appeared to be consolidated.

Musicians this week included regulars like Adele and Bruno Mars, as well as others who made the list due to a surge in popularity from touring and frequent posting. For example, Snoop Dogg recently performed in a well-received concert alongside a hologram of deceased rapper Tupac. Pitbull is also on tour and promoting his work on a movie soundtrack.