Mobile app news roundup: Gogobot, Zynga, GREE, HTC and more

iPad gamers more likely to convert than iPhone gamers — Mobile cross promotion network Chartboost reports iPad users are twice as likely as iPhone users to download an app after seeing an interstitial ad for it. iPad gamers also play 10 percent more daily sessions than iPhone gamers.

Mobile now 20 percent of Zynga bookings — Zynga’s social gaming business may be struggling, but mobile is growing fast. During this week’s earnings call, CEO Mark Pincus revealed mobile is now responsible for 20 percent of the company’s business.

92 percent of Gogobot users on Facebook — Social travel service Gogobot has revealed 92 percent of its users connect to the service using Facebook. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the app has 940,000 MAU and 60,000 DAU logging in with Facebook Connect, meaning in total, the service now has somewhere north of 1 million registered users.

MoPub cuts fees for publishers — Real-time mobile advertising bidding service MoPub no longer charges developers a fee when they use the service to broker deals with ad networks, according to TechCrunch. The service, which delivered 18 billion impressions last month, still charges developers that use its service to sell their ads directly.

Red Ronin debuts with Amazing Flying Machines — Former and Atari executive Owais Farooqui has taken the wraps of his new company, bootstrapped mobile developer Red Ronin. The company’s first game is Amazing Flying Machines. The free-to-play game is exclusive to iOS.

Whale Trail devs reveal game is making £250 a day — UK developer ustwo’s quirky indie title Whale Trail has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is making £250 ($402) a day reports The AppSide. That’s roughly $12,000 a month — not a chart topping amount, but nothing to sniff at either.

More currencies supported in the iTunes App Store — Apple has added support for eight new currencies to the iTunes App Store. Developers can now take payments in Rubles, Lire, Rupees, Rupiahs, Israeli New Shekels, the Rial, the Dirham and the Rand.

HTC profits fall 70 percent year-over-year — Taiwanese OEM HTC has posted its Q3 2012 results. The company saw revenues of $70.2 New Taiwan dollars ($2.4 billion) and a net income of NT$3.9 billion ($133 million) — down 79 percent year-over-year. The company predicts its Q4 revenues will be approximately NT$60 billion.

GREE grabs two Square Enix titles — Dr. Serkan Toto reports Square Enix announced two new mobile social games for GREE based on its Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You franchises. Previously the only Final Fantasy branded mobile-social game was the popular Final Fantasy Brigade, an exclusive title on DeNA’s rival Mobage platform.

Toca Boca’s children’s apps hit 16 million downloads — Swedish studio Toca Boca’s line of child-friendly games have been downloaded more than 16 million times, according to The AppSide.

DeNA partners with Yahoo!Kimo to hit Taiwanese market — DeNA announced this week it has signed a partnership with Yahoo!Kimo to create a dedicated mobile games portal where Yahoo!Kimo users will be able to download Mobage games for iOS and Android devices.

[Launch] DeNA gets into the chat market — DeNA is broadening its portfolio. The company has launched a voice and chat application called Comm, available on both iOS and Android. The app is similar to NHN’s popular utility Line, which just passed 90 million users.

[Launch] Square Enix debuts Wizardlings — Square Enix’ newest mobile game is the free-to-play exploration title Wizardlings. The game was developed for Square Enix by Liv Games.