Mobile, Adele, Halo, Will Smith, Porsche, Target, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Facebook for Every Phone once again topped our list of growing Facebook pages, reaching almost 3 million new Likes this week. There were several musicians, movies, games, sports, and brand pages that also made the list.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 326,100 to 2.9 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NameTotal LikesPeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Facebook for Every Phone86,571,2503,016,214+414,856+2,933,819
2   김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)2,508,7792,220+558+2,439,528
3   Halo: Reach2,647,76020,870+959+692,426
4   Titanic23,470,148678,984+80,520+578,116
5   Adele28,240,917675,389+84,269+571,319
6   League of Legends3,300,089146,988+4,339+481,005
7   Guaraná Antarctica5,423,864657,801+50,799+442,519
8   Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
9   The Simpsons50,254,983682,251+60,670+417,711
10   AKON39,018,597366,913+38,039+385,812
11   LMFAO17,077,805679,364+54,578+380,268
12   Porsche4,021,63242,892+5,148+373,331
13   Bruno Mars23,297,335510,967+50,673+354,039
14   Will Smith30,996,556478,196+54,919+352,121
15   Shrek25,720,278385,077+48,445+343,413
16   Slotomania – Slot Machines4,020,120247,807+74,318+341,761
17   FC Barcelona30,822,6381,063,145+47,731+331,982
18   Target12,060,776373,601+42,153+328,167
19   Intel9,991,939360,375+46,527+327,061
20   Facebook66,473,555399,247+51,802+326,088

김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong) is a Korean artist came in at No. 2, leading other musician pages from AdeleAKONLMFAO and Bruno Mars.

Halo: Reach took the No. 3 spot, though online games League of Legends and Slotomania – Slot Machines made the list as well. Movies on the list were led by “Titanic.” Actor Will Smith has seen significant growth on his page as he promotes his latest film.

Guaraná Antarctica is a popular beverage company that continues to increase engagement and Likes among users in Brazil. The car company Porsche had a large single-day spike in new Likes, suggesting a page consolidation. Football club FC Barcelona posts in multiple languages about its latest events. Finally, Target and Intel have been running ad campaigns and posting about their latest offerings and promotions.