Mobile Accounts for 85% of Gas and Convenience Store Searches

Smartphone users look for best prices before filling up

With smartphone-browsing consumers riding shotgun to parks and beaches—while the driver, hopefully, focuses on the road—during these summer months, gasoline and convenience store brands might want to crank up their mobile ad budgets. Eighty-five percent of digital searches in the gas/convenience retail category takes place on smartphones, per research conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by tech firms xAd and Telmetrics.

The report, which is being released on Tuesday, also found that two-thirds of gas/convenience shoppers use their mobile device as their primary research tool for all digitally-based buying decisions.

Additionally, the Nielsen-led study reports that mobile users spend more time researching gas prices (six minutes on average) than other retail goods (four minutes). And 49 percent of gas/convenience shoppers exclusively use mobile apps to discover nearby stores, according to the study, which also found that 69 percent of those consumers chose their purchase path because of—not surprisingly—price and location.

Two-thousand American smartphone and tablet users participated in the research, which was done via one of Nielsen's mobile consumer panels.

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