Mob Wars: More Beating, Less Reading

mob-warsSee, I’m from Jersey, see. In Jersey, we don’t got no mafia, see. We just have something called “waste management.” Now who asked choo?

Mob Wars is a funny little social game that lets you build up your goon from garden variety thug to Godfather. Like many social RPGs, Mob Wars is mainly a text-based game that allows you to buy guns, do jobs, buy land, fight, heal, level up, bank, and do favors for the Godfather himself. It’s still in beta testing with some of the features, but on the whole it’s a pretty balanced game that has enough variety in its earning structure to allow players an open leveling experience and depth if they want it.

You need to keep track of health, energy, stamina, weapons, money, and experience – which is a lot – but this ensures the game has plenty of checks and balances. You can’t win overnight. It’s also a lot less grind-heavy than a lot of its competitors [cough] Armies, which have such large price tags on the biggest weapons that you’ll likely never get there.

mob-wars2The main drawbacks with a game like this come from its very status as a social game. You need to increase the size of your mob in order to fight other mobs or do bigger jobs, but if your friends don’t accept, you’ll have to hire guns through the Godfather. This bottleneck is a glaring balance issue that needs to be resolved, but it’s a far smaller complaint than what I usually have for these games. Yes, I would like the ability to customize my appearance, see some flash animations of the fights, and perhaps see a visual representation of rivalries and gang wars. These are suggestions of where to take the game, however, and not a requirement for its success.

Mob Wars is a better experience than most text RPGs, and has a quick economy and a relatively balanced game play setup to boot. It needs to break from the crowd, however, in order to truly differentiate itself and earn the respect of this Jersey boy. Kapeesh?

Gameplay: 6

Developers: 7

Needs more mob movie references: 10