Chris Holt

How Social Games Need to Take Cues from MMOs and Offer a Compelling Finish to the Social Experience

In an earlier article, I discussed the idea that social games will have difficult retaining users because the users will run out of reasons to return to the application. Developers […]

Hatchery – Like Pokemon, But Still Early On

Hatchery, developed by Kramaley Games, is a Tomagachi-like creature-hatching game that tasks you with nurturing and caring for an insipidly cute animal. First, you buy an egg (or get sent […]

Car IQ – Smarter than it looks

When is a trivia application more than a trivia application? Well, when it’s also a personal site, a car discussion site, a mechanic sharing location, and much more. That’s Car […]

My House – A Facebook RPG for Women?

“Our House, in the middle of our street, Our House…” My House is a social role-playing-game on Facebook with, you guessed it, houses. Or rather, the exteriors of houses. If […]

Mediannex Cannon Can’t Pay Users to Play

At first glance, Mediannex Cannon seems like one of those dozens of flash games that we’ve all seen before. It is, and it’s not one I’ll be recommending. However, there […]

Pillow Fight – Light, Fluffy, and a Brief Distraction

Pillow fighting- harmless, fun, and a bit flirtatious. Digital pillow fighting is just like pillow fighting in real life, without the fear that your opponent will have an allergic reaction […]

Pathwords – Zynga’s Answer to Word Scramble

From the makers of Challenge Sudoku, Zynga, comes Pathwords, the latest in the word scramble puzzle genre. But don’t write this game off just yet – the developers have created […]

Pacman 2.0 Borrows Much from the Original

I never thought I’d open a review with “I miss the dancing fruit,” but here we are. Pacman 2.0 by Unit 501 is the Facebook adaptation of the classic arcade […]

Nicknames Lets Facebook Users Name Their Friends for Fun

As one of the most popular “social games” on Facebook, Nicknames by SGN seems pretty straight-forward: The application lets you nickname your friends. The more people you invite to the […]

Super Slot Machines Does a Decent Job at Keeping You Coming Back

It takes skill to pull off single player chance games when the stakes are zero. No one gets addicted to playing Candy Land and Monopoly, but the thrill of danger […]