Mob Science’s Legends: Rise of a Hero launches this week

Social game developer Mob Science today announced its new title Legends: Rise of a Hero is launching this week on both Facebook and

Lengends: Rise of a Hero is the company’s new mid-core role-playing game that combines citybuilder management elements with dungeon-crawling action. Players take on the role of a hero who’s been tasked with rescuing a kidnapped princess, defeating an evil sorcerer and eventually becoming the ruler of the game’s fantasy world. As the game progresses, players rebuild the ruined kingdom they live in. The game started rolling out last week on the social network, since it appeared on our Friday list of emerging Facebook games.

We spoke to Mob Science CEO Michael Witz back in March about the project, shortly after the company had secured $1 million in funding and announced its publishing partnership with Zynga. During that conversation, Witz revealed Mob Science was working on a mid-core RPG, but couldn’t go into much detail about the project at the time. We got to spend a little time with the game during Zynga’s September publishing partner event, though, and were impressed by the game’s high-end production values.

As we’ve noted several times over the past few months, Zynga’s been looking to capitalize on the highly lucrative mid-core social gaming audience. Aside from publishing games like Legends: Rise of a Hero and Eruptive Games’ Citizen Grim, the company also acquired groups like A Bit Lucky and November Software to create in-house mid-core titles.