MMCast Unveils New Video Ad Technology

A Los Angeles-based start-up called MMCast made its formal debut in Barcelona yesterday displaying what it describes as its groundbreaking technology in the mobile advertising space.

MMCast somehow combines video ads with the content in a way that allows ads to play while the content downloads and during buffering. The company focuses on delivering highly targeted video ads, which it says gives advertisers the ability to send ads only to the specific users they want to reach as defined by the user’s profile and location.

“The industry realizes that mobile content will, in great part, be ad funded. Our company with its proprietary platform enables an economic model for this to happen,” MMCast founder and CEO Fredrik Broberg said. “We strongly believe this will be widely accepted by consumers because there is no delay to the receipt of content — with the full benefits of ad funding.”

There’s a demo of the MMCast service on the company’s Web site.