RBI Baseball 14 to hit smartphones, tablets, and consoles


Ask video game fans about the glory days of sports gaming, and no doubt you’ll hear the words RBI Baseball wedged somewhere between Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam.

So Major League Baseball’s announcement that a new game in the beloved franchise is hitting current and next-gen consoles, smartphones, and tablets this spring should be met with great fanfare (as long as they include the crazy curveballs the series is famous for).

According to the press release, RBI Baseball 14 is being developed by MLB Advanced Media, the division of Major League Baseball that is responsible for everything from MLB.com to MLB.TV.

Not much else is known at this time, but the arcade-style of the original RBI seems perfectly suited for tablets and smartphones. Even if it’s just the original game with current rosters, I think MLB could have a huge smash on their hands, especially considering the success EA Sports has had with the mobile release of NBA Jam (still a top-ranked seller almost three years after release, according to AppData).

If only they could follow this up with a new version of Baseball Stars.