Mixed Opinions About Impact of Bin Laden News on Obama’s Public Perception

A spontaneous crowd celebrates the news about Osama bin Laden's demise in downtown Manhattan. Photo: EPA

Journalists are taking a look at the Osama bin Laden news and trying to determine the benefits to President Obama as we head into the next election.

So soon after rejoicing crowds have taken to the streets in New York and Washington D.C., high favor for Obama is coming from all directions.

“[Obama’s] world view is often challenged by his Republican rivals, who seek to portray him as a weak leader. That line of attack will almost certainly be more difficult to use as he begins running for a second term,” writes The New York Times.

“In the near term, it’s a virtual certainty that Obama will be elevated  politically in much the same way George W. Bush was in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Bill Clinton was following the Oklahoma City bombing and George H.W. Bush was during and immediately after the first Gulf War,” reads The Washington Post.

Even Rush Limbaugh and some of the President’s possible Republican opposition praised the President’s work.

However, at this point, there are mixed opinions over whether the President will reap long-term rewards from last night’s news. New York magazine pulls together a few reactions, with those questioning the effect on the election doing so mostly on the grounds that people have a short memory. After all, we were just talking about Donald Trump, the “birther” bunk, and the White House correspondents dinner. Who even remembers all that happened just a couple of days ago?

[Image via New York Post]