Mixed Media Coverage of ‘Spider-Man’ Musical

The new musical “ Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” has only been in previews for a few days, but the media attention it’s gotten has been massive, for a number of reasons.

It has a $6o million budget, making it the most expensive musical in history, and runs more than three hours. U2’s Bono and the Edge are the show’s composers. The Sunday night preview was plagued with problems. A heckler said she felt like a guinea pig. The theater’s general manager is already looking for someone new to lease the space. Yet, it has raked in a wad of cash.

Anecdotally, we’ve heard that some are willing to check it out to see what all that production money buys. But the ticket price, the glitches, and the constant talk about these things could be the show’s downfall if theater-goers ultimately decide it’s not worth it. Broadway shows only have a small window to prove themselves, so any dip in ticket sales could sweep the show off the stage quickly.

But perhaps Conan O’Brien’s version of the show will be a boon? Video (via the New York Times) below.